About Us

Hi! I’m Catherine Taylor, mom to 3 beautiful little girls and the creator and owner of Milkin’ Mama’s Soap!

A few months ago I started my small business using my breast milk to make soap made with all natural ingredients. Breast milk has many benefits for both babies and adults. It can help with eczema, acne, dry skin, sun burn, and diaper rash, just to list a few. I wanted to focus on producing an all natural soap that was non toxic and safe for all users.

This quickly expanded into adding additional soaps using the same natural ingredients mixed with essential oils. The use of all-natural butters, oils, and milks has been amazing for my skin! I love that I am able to produce my own soaps that are safe and natural for my family.

My husband felt that men need quality natural soaps as well, so we started producing small batches for the men in your lives minus the breast milk.